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Your Annual Exam


Annual exams are recommended every year beginning when a woman becomes sexually active or reaches the age of 21 years old. Your annual exam may consist of:

A general physical exam, a breast exam, a pelvic exam and a pap smear test.  For patients younger than 21, STD cultures are recommended if sexually active.
Remember your care, comfort and privacy are our utmost concerns. You should speak to your doctor regarding any concerns you may have.


STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Disease)


Valencia Gynecology encourages women to promote and protect their own sexual and reproductive health. We offer full sexually transmitted infection counseling and testing. All testing is provided in a private and caring manner. In the interest of preventing cervical cancer, we also offer the complete Human Papilloma Virus vaccine, Gardasil for our younger women. Gardisil has been shown to reduce cervical, anal and throat cancers.  For more information on this visit: http://www.gardasil.com/.


HPV (Human Papilloma Virus)


Abnormal pap smears are  caused by infection with HPV viruses.  HPV is a sexually transmitted disease.

- Some types of HPV can sometimes lead to cervical cancer.
- Other types of HPV can cause genital warts, anal cancers or throat cancers.
- There are still other forms of HPV which are not harmful at all and do not cause any symptoms. It is just a form of the virus which usually just goes away on it’s own.

A test for HPV can be done at the same time of your pap smear test. However it is generally not necessary to be tested for it unless you have abnormal pap smears. Remember, a positive HPV result means you have been exposed to HPV any time during your life. It does not mean you have cervical cancer. Talk to your doctor regarding your risk of getting HPV and how to protect yourself.  

It has been FDA approved for boys also.  We think it is a good way to prevent transmission of HPV infections.

Contraception Management


At Valencia Gynecology we offer consultation on all birth control methods. We will address any concerns you have regarding what method is most suitable to your needs. We can review effectiveness, side effects, how the method works and what suits your lifestyle.

We offer hormonal methods like the pill(try to promote lowest dose pill with minimum side effects, the vaginal ring and the depoprovera injections. If you want a method that is more long term, we also place the intrauterine device, in addition to surgical intervention(tubal ligation). For patients who do not care for a hormonal method we also have expertise in fitting diaphragms.

We welcome your concerns and are happy to serve you contraceptive needs at your annual visit, a scheduled consultation or we are just a phone call away.


BRCA 1 and BRCA 2

These are some families that have cancer causing genetic mutations that can be ineherited.  This simple test (done by saliva  or blood testing) can check for presence of this mutation.  

Carrying this gene mutation increases your risk for breast and ovarian cancers. You should consider this test if you yourself or your first degree relatives have had breast or ovarian cancers.

This gene can transmit to boys as well as girls.

Testing is the only way to accurately identify mutation carriers.  Preventative steps can be taken if you or your family members are known carriers for this mutation. 

Speak to your professionals at Valencia GYN for more information.

link: myriadgenetics.com


Colaris Testing


Colaris Testing for Lynch Syndrome also know as hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC), is an inherited condition that causes an increased risk for early onset of colorectal cancer (often before age 50) as well as other related cancers: colorectal, endometrial, stomach, ovarian, pancreatic. To access more information visit http://www.bracnow.com/.




Ultrasound is high-frequency sound waves. Ultrasound waves can be bounced off of tissues using special devices. The echoes are then converted into a picture called a sonogram. Ultrasound imaging, referred to as ultrasonography, allows physicians and patients to get an inside view of soft tissues and body cavities, without using invasive techniques. Ultrasound is often used to examine a fetus during pregnancy. Although it is more commonly known for pregnancy, ultrasound is used to image almost the entire body. There is no convincing evidence for any danger from ultrasound during pregnancy.




Pelvic ultrasound
Empty your bladder.
Complete 32 oz. of water one hour before your exam. For example if your exam is scheduled at 1pm, empty your bladder at 11:45pm, drink the water as quickly as possible, complete by 12 pm, and hold it for your appointment.

Pregnancy ultrasound
There is no prep for an obstetrical ultrasound.
We do advise our patients to bring in a CD-R, so that the tech may put pictures of your baby on it for you.


Bone Density (BMD)


This exam is a very low dose X-ray that measures the density of your bones. This exam is the exam that measures if a patient has osteoporosis. It will also show if the patient is nearing osteoporosis.




Bone density exam:
Do not take calcium supplements 24 hours before your exam.
Do not wear anything that has metal or buttons on it.
Please complete questionnaire provided by the office.