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Full Obstetrical Care
Well Women Exams
In-office Endometrial & Colpo Biopsy, Cryotherapy
Birth Control, STD testing
BRCA & COLARIS testing
Breast, Gynecological & Menopausal Issues
In-office Pelvic, Obstetrical Ultrasounds & Bone Densities
Gynecological Surgery

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Smyth Medical Plaza
27871 Smyth Drive #102
Valencia, CA 91355

(661) 259-1781
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Monday - Friday
9AM- 5PM 

All national holidays

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Welcome and thank you for choosing our practice for your obstetrical care. We want to take this opportunity to introduce all of us who will be involved in your care.

Dr. Don J. Nishiguchi, M.D. (aka. Dr. “Nish” to his patients) and Dr.Jerry K. Izu will be the physicians on the team. They will supervise and orchestrate all your care as well as deliver your baby.

We also have two other team members:

Patricia Alamos-Donnelly, a certified nurse midwife
Linda Faydo, a certified nurse midwife

Throughout your care you will be expected to see anyone of the members of our team. However if you develop any difficulties or approaching delivery date, you will be seen by Dr. Nishiguchi or Dr. Izu. Congratulations and thank you once again for choosing our practice.



1st trimester: from 1-12 weeks
2nd trimester: from 13-28 weeks
3rd trimester: from 29 weeks until delivery

Hair & Nail Issues:

May do hair perm or color after 12 weeks and only twice during pregnancy.
Ok to do nails after 12 weeks.

Diet Restrictions:

FISH - only twice a week, NO swordfish, shark, sushi or crawfish.
COFFEE - NO, but if must have, decaf or less than 1 cup a day.


FLYING - ok until 28 weeks
GYM - ok, but no high impact and weights on arms only
Remember to take your prenatal vitamins every day

Safe Medications for Maternity Patients:

Tyelnol: 1 regular or 1 extra strength every 4-6hrs, (don’t exceed 3-4 days)
Mylicon: gas
Colace: constipation
Metamucil: constipation
Monistat:( 3 or 7 day cream):yeast infection (don’t use applicator-apply with fingers)
Robitussin: regular strength: cough
Claritin or Zyrtec: runny nose, allergies
Cepacol: throat lozenges: sore throat
Kaopectate: diarrhea
Calcium: 1200mg per day
Lanolin: for sore, cracked nipples
Novacaine:(If getting dental work, also must be double-shielded if getting x-rays done)

Not Safe to take:

NO - Epeniphrine
NO - Nasal spray (must use salt-water only)
NO - Exlax
NO - Maalox
NO - Senocot

Safe Antibiotics during Pregnancy: